INSAS (3379) – Is INSAS Undervalued? Here’s What The Numbers Say.

Insas Berhad (3379) is a investment holding company, with business operations in multiple sectors including but not limited to stockbroking, car rental, property an even F&B. Insas Berhad is also big in IT, which is the largest contributor to the company’s earnings. Insas Berhad (3379) has long been under spot light for being undervalued, because of the assets (stocks/equities/companies/subsidiaries) the company owns.

*Long story short: Insas Berhad (3379) owns stakes in many companies at cost, so when these stocks rise in value in the stock market, the share price (in the form of market capitalization) of Insas Berhad should rise alongside the company’s value.

But nope, apparently this is not happening right now – this represents an opportunity for value investors and stock traders alike, as the share price of Insas Berhad is considered subduedS

We want to find out:

  1. Is Insas Berhad really undervalued?
  2. If it is, how much undervalued is it? Is there a way to find out what is Insas Berhad (3379) actual value?
  3. The Big Question: Should we invest in Insas Berhad (3379)?

Here’s what we found in our research: